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Insulated Glass Panels

Modern house construction uses insulated glass panels, often referred to as thermopane or double pane windows. It's because the R value for a single piece of glass is not very high; about R1. When two pieces of glass are used, it is still not very high; about R2. But when the two pieces are separated with a space of from ½ to ¾ of an inch, and then filled with a noble gas such as argon or krypton (usually argon), the R value shoots up to about R6. This is still a far cry from the the R11 or R14 insulation used in the walls, but still a good improvement over single pain glass.

High quality thermopane windows are typically constructed with two seals around the edges of the glass. One seal is a modern pliable elastomer that excludes moisture from the inside of the glass assembly, where the argon is contained. The other seal functions also as a rigid mechanical support that keeps the two sheets of glass properly spaced and helps prevent the glass panel assembly from being damaged during transport, installation, and when the window is slammed shut or open. The glass is usually encased in a window assembly, frequently comprised of vinyl plastic because of its durability, low cost, and ease of manufacture. When a window needs to be installed, the entire window assembly is purchased, and installed into a pre-sized window opening in a the wall. The window comes in two clam shell pieces that clasp together to form the entire window. The inner and outer pieces come in the window package, and screws are used to fasten one piece into the window opening. Then the other piece is lifted and set in from the the other side, and also screwed in. In a matter of minutes, the entire window has been replaced.

The windows often come as an entire unit for a good reasons. First, old single pane windows are often replaced. Tearing out the window glass and entire frame, resizing the opening to the correct size, then installing a complete window assembly that fits the size makes for a very quick and cost effective replacement.

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